Without tools to restore resilience, lesson plans and treatment plans become less effective.

Adding just a few minutes of Dynamic Mindfulness into our life and work, can transform how we teach and treat the whole child.


Over 15,000 Educators, Mental Health Professionals, Parents, and Community Leaders Trained

  • Act

    Release Stress & Trauma From the Body Through Mindful Movement

  • Breathe

    Manage Overwhelming Emotions With Breath Regulation Techniques

  • Center

    Enhance Executive Function for Learning & Decision-Making

  • Trauma-Informed

    An Essential Foundation for SEL, Restorative Justice & Mental Health

  • Evidence-Based

    Our Curriculum is Validated by Independent Research & CASEL

  • Field-Tested

    15+ Years in Schools, Special Ed, Juvenile Halls, Clinics, and Beyond

"I have taken countless years of trainings on trauma, on top of my formal education, and this course was profound.  It was awesome!!!!"

- Family Counselor, Alberta Health Services


Live Online |Wednesdays, July 21 & 28
1 - 4pm PT / 4 - 7pm ET

Join Our Interactive Learning Community

  • Apply Practical Strategies to Prevent Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

  • Explore the Neuroscience of Stress, Trauma, Empathy, and Resilience

  • Experience and Teach Niroga's Trauma-Informed Dynamic Mindfulness

  • Develop a Plan to Implement Dynamic Mindfulness in Your Life and Work

"I left with concrete, clear, powerful ways to implement mindfulness in my own life and my school."

- School Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District  

Mental Health and Educator CEU's available.

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To Make Our Trainings Accessible, Niroga Institute Offers a Sliding Scale

Mental Health and Educator CEU's available.  
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"There are people with ACES, trauma and complex trauma in my life that I feel much better prepared to support."

- Youth Development Coordinator, West Contra Costa County Nonprofit

Your Instructors

Founder & Executive Director

Bidyut K. Bose, PhD

Bidyut Bose is the Founder and Executive Director of Niroga Institute. His father started teaching him mindful-movement practices when he was a child, and he has continued to practice ever since. He is the lead author of Niroga’s CASEL-approved Dynamic Mindfulness (DMind) curriculum, and presents DMind nationally and internationally. For over 15 years, Niroga has been committed to developing the whole child and the whole adult, transforming lives and families, organizations and communities.

National Training Director

Rosalind Lwin

For over 10 years, Rosalind has conducted trainings in stress resilience and trauma healing for educational institutions, health care providers, government agencies, non-profits, and corporations. Her emphasis on clarity, creativity, and community-building has been honed through sharing Dynamic Mindfulness with students of all ages, special ed students, seniors, individuals recovering from addiction, and cancer survivors.